available for sale!

We really like this domain name but we decided to let it go. Can be used to provide online address to any brand name using its subdomain. Useful for companies who provide free website service.

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Adwords alternative for Malaysia?

U R my shortest domain name in my collection.

Perhaps it will be Malaysia most popular online mall?

Find all kind of answers here? Perfect for Q&A portal.

Catchy name for your domain business.

Excellent for the next Groupon type e-commerce business

This will be web developers favourite hangout place.

List anything you like. Another domain name suitable for classified ads.

Malaysian loves social media. Why not make this the preferred social media platform for Malaysians?

Ever wonder what is the ranking of your face? food? pet? music? etc..?

Another potential money making domain name. A place to find stuffs to resell?

Obviously it is for products, companies or services reviews website.

Yet another domain for online shopping mall in Malaysia?

Catchy domain name for any type of businesses.

This was once the most popular website about Streamyx.

Perfect for travel portal for Penang

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